nova u carbon fiber ukulele with accessories

The age of Carbon fibre Ukuleles

January 19th, 2021

The vivid carbon fibre ukuleles sound as good as they look

The carbon fibre ukuleles are much more than a style statement or some gimmick with a novelty factor. It's an actual sustainable musical instrument with all the ticks on almost all the critical boxes. 

Before we dive in we must head back in time to 2011 and chat about this guy called Haiming Hu a musician and a Luthier( because of his love for music and musical instruments). The anatomy of good quality premium musical instruments became an obsession for him and he quickly developed a reputation for fine craftsmanship that would become a hallmark of the company he would eventually create. He loved acoustic guitars and ukuleles and realised that good instruments cost way too high. This made him understand that the average musician found it difficult to afford a good instrument. His company on the belief that beautiful sounding instruments could also be within reach of the average musician - a formula that’s helped make Enya-Music among the largest & most successful stringed instrument companies. Enya Music (no connection to the singer) has a storied history, beginning with our name. “En” means always be “humble” and “thankful”, while “Ya” translates into “Elegant. Their goal is to deliver the finest Ukuleles & Guitars for the money and a customer experience that conveys our sincere appreciation for the people who play them. And they have done it :)

We at Procraft India are constantly looking out for brands and stories that inspire us and that’s the reason our motto has always been rewarding the Indian market with affordable yet premium products. We strongly believe that music is an art-form that requires you to have good quality instruments to motivate you to make good music and develop into the next level of artistry. So the tools are more important than you think. So we are amped up to bring the brand to India just so that our market can experience the beautiful craftsmanship as well as alternative innovate materials that makes the brand and the products one of a kind.

Social media was a buzz when the Nova U series debuted and it’s not hard to see why. Carbon fibre construction and unique sound hole configuration contribute to its surprisingly bright tone. Ergonomic design featuring a thinner profile delivers a comfortable play. For tone, playability, and quality, the Nova U series is a great choice. Optional "Acoustic Plus" pickup system is available which makes it a league of its own in the ukulele world. After doing our market research , be it acoustic guitars or ukulele our weather is not instrument friendly, warps are common due to rapid weather change and humidity content that make the wood expand and contract . It takes a lot more effort to maintain stringed instruments. Carbon fibre does not have this problem and in addition it is water proof and durable. This makes these ukuleles indestructible no matter where you are. I know what you are thinking , what about, how it sounds?? Here is where it gets interesting. It does not sound boxed or plastic like, It's pretty loud and crystal clear, the intonation of the notes are always in place and has awesome ring and sustain. Honestly NO complains. All this sounds great and guess what Enya does not stop there. In the NOVA U series you get awesome ukulele accessories that you would need to buy separately. The matt paint work makes them look premium even though they are affordable they look so cool and futuristic . 10/10

It comes with matching accessories and everything you need to get you going on your ukulele journey ! Talk about value for money.

We at Procraft India would consider this a unique and significant curated product in our catalog.

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