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    What is the best guitar for a beginner ?

    This is a very good question. Though the answer to it is not as simple.
    There are various kind of guitars based on Shapes and Sizes and Budgets one has which can get extremely confusing.
    Let me categorize it in 3 types.

    1. The very basic guitar is a small sized guitar i.e. either 38” or 39” meant for absolute beginners. These are ideal for Children and Smaller built people. These guitars would cost anywhere between Rs. 4500.00 to Rs. 15000.00 . Some guitars come with built in pickups which can be connected to amplifiers. In my opinion those features are not needed for beginners.
    2. The second level of entry guitars are medium sizes guitars with slightly better features. These guitars are ones for the more serious ones and definitely have a better sound over the most basic guitars. These guitars can cost anywhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 15000.00
    3. The third level of guitars would be ideal for someone who is starting but pursuing a professional music Course. There are times when a musician is not motivated enough only because the instrument is not good enough. In case of a student pursuing a professional course, my suggestion would be to go in for a guitar which can be used for performances as well. These guitars will range anywhere from Rs. 8500.00 to Rs. 18000.00

    Music Stores try to promote guitars with built in Pre Amplifiers which in my opinion is not needed unless there are stage performances. Those can be added as accessories as well.

    All these guitars meant for beginners are purely suggestions based on our personal opinion and experience.

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    Where should I buy my new Guitar?

    Getting the right advice to buying a new guitar is extremely important. For those living in Metro Cities or cities with good Music Instruments store should go to stores which are biased about the Instruments they sell. It might not be a well known brand as today in the market there are lots of small guitar brands but manufacturing excellent quality.

    There are lots of online reviews for Guitars which can be a good starting point for any purchase.

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    How can I start learning how to play the guitar ?

    The internet age has really changed the approach of Beginners and they feel there is no need to formally learn how to play the instrument. However there are a lot of things Beginners miss out on a very important factor. Even though the tutorials might be extremely informative, they can never replace personal tutoring. When it comes to teachers personally being present, the student learns the correct methodology of playing the instrument and builds a strong foundation. Once past the basics students can then pursue either learning on their own or continuing with their Teachers. Hence it is also very important to find the right Teacher.

    You can also start learning the basics on LEARN MUSIC NOW channel on youtube https://www.youtube.com/@learnmusicnow3359

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    Richlite Vs Rosewood on fretboard ?
    For a long time Rosewood has been used to make finger boards and since there has been a 
    regulation on rosewood globally because of its scarcity so there has been a shortage in getting 
    rosewood and its become expensive.  Richlite came as a substitute for this problem its essentially 
    paper, paper is stacked up and saturated with a phenolic resin, then heat and pressure are 
    appliedRecycled paper is also used hence it makes this a green product that helps the 
    environment it is FSC Certified and Greenguard certified. Rosewood requires constant 
    maintenance because of its pores and needs cleaning with lemon oil to keep it hygienic and 
    comfortable. This where richlite is completely maintenance free and feels smooth to play all the 
    time. Big Brands like Gibson/Martin and others use richlite on high end guitars, so nowhere is it an 
    inferior product in comparison to rosewood. It actually is a perfect substitute for ebony in terms of 
    durability and  feel and sound minus the maintenance of ebony.