• Kepma/Double AcoustiFex GO Transacoustic Pickup
  • Kepma/Double AcoustiFex GO Transacoustic Pickup
  • Kepma/Double AcoustiFex GO Transacoustic Pickup
  • Kepma/Double AcoustiFex GO Transacoustic Pickup
  • Kepma/Double AcoustiFex GO Transacoustic Pickup

Kepma/Double AcoustiFex GO Transacoustic Pickup

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Now add studio quality effects to your favourite acoustic guitar.Introducing the Kepma Acousticfex Go/Transacoustic which gives you quality effects like REVERB, CHORUS and DELAY at the touch of a button and WITHOUT the need of plugging the guitar in an Amplifier. Yes you read that right!! there is no need of external amplification for powering these effects.Blend these effects with the natural acoustic sound to get those vibrant delay, chorus and reverb effects for which people spend thousands of rupees on each effect pedal.It can be easily installed without drilling a big whole in your precious guitar. Additional features include a condenser microphone along the piezo pickup and you can blend the sound the of the condenser mic with the piezo pickup giving you a versatile tone.
Country of Origin: China
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The beauty of the new Kepma AcoustiFex GO system is that you can temporarily install it on any guitar, or do a quick permanent install — everything you need is included. The AcoustiFex GO Owners Guide gives you detailed instructions on the process for both, so either way you’ll be jamming with amazing effects and tone in mere seconds. And without major surgery to your instrument.






Kepma AcoustiFex Key Features : 

  • Complete tone and effects system for every acoustic guitar

  • Pickup/Preamp system with magnetic pickup and onboard condenser mic

  • Effects are available both when unplugged and plugged into an amp

  • Lush Reverb — Room & Hall style with adjustable decay and saturation

  • Delay with adjustable rate & intensity

  • Chorus with adjustable speed and intensity

  • Magnetic acoustic soundhole pickup w/ master volume – quoted by industry experts as one of the best sounding magnetic acoustic guitar pickups out there

  • Onboard Condenser microphone w/ level control – blend in just the right amount of “air” into your tone

  • Adjustable Bass, Mid & Treble trim pots for instrument customization

  • Transducer trim pot for intensity and mix adjustment

  • Mic Tone pot for fine-tuning condenser mic output tone

  • Phase switch – boost the low end and control phasing issues

  • Easy to install — installs in seconds… simply loosen the strings on your guitar, install the transducer element into the inside body of the guitar, mount the soundhole pickup and tighten.

  • Can be temporarily or permanently installed — comes with an endpin jack for plugging into an amp or DI/mixing console

  • 30hr + playing time on single battery charge

  • Long-life 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery – comes with micro USB charging port. Battery is also easily removed for replacement

  • Multi-color bar LED for status and battery charge indicator

  • Endpin jack included for permanent install – standard ¼” Hi-Z output, strap peg cover included

  • Leather output jack holder for temporary install – mounts to the strap peg to securely hold the output jack

  • All permanent install hardware included – comes with cable retainers, installation instructions and adjustment screwdriver (can also be used for pot adjustments as needed)


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