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Just PRO MD15 Electric Guitar Amplifier

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Today's guitar beginners are all future professional guitarists, and many guitarists who are about to embark on a career path are trapped in the maze of equipment. What is overload? What is heavy metal? Should the speakers I buy be British or American? Many problems have been plagued by guitar beginners and even experienced guitar players, such as: -Buying equipment with different timbres to obtain timbre recognition, this way of burning money does not apply to us -You can only squeeze out time to practice piano every day after getting off work or get out of class, but you find that it is already late. It is almost impossible to practice without being complained by neighbours when you turn on the speakers; -You have to tune every time you practice the piano, and the tuner is either out of power or you can’t find it -Practice the fingering of a song. When you want to practice with the original song, you need to purchase additional playback equipment -Successful practice, when performing outdoor performances with friends, the speaker power supply problem cannot be solved;
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Based on the above problems, for guitar beginners, they need a speaker that integrates multiple timbre effects, does not disturb the people, can be tuned, and is not troubled by power supply as a bridge to the professional.


Just Pro MD-15 is a high-quality 15-watt power electric guitar speaker, a collection of 6 tonal effects and 8 peripheral effects, low power but excellent sound field, 6.5-inch custom speakers provide a very good presence Surrounded. At the same time, it supports the use of headphones for mute practice and the use of an external player, which is very in line with the trend of household musical instruments.


The pre-level part provides 6 commonly used timbre effects, allowing you to quickly get the most intuitive timbre experience of various music styles, including:


 Clean has a clear and translucent sound like crystal glass of fender tube speaker;

Crunch has a little dirty distortion sound effect, full of spatial dynamics of signal collision in the tube

Overdrive 1 is cold but affectionate, very suitable for the clear and cold British rock sound;

Overdrive 2 has a full and thick American rock effect, which can easily get a sweet and mellow overdrive sound by boosting the high frequency

 Metal's enthusiastic and hot 80s traditional old gun high gain distortion sound;

- Heavy metal The sharp modern extreme heavy metal sound as if breaking away from the hands and cutting off everything.


Simply put, the MD-15 electric guitar amplifier is an all-rounder. The above 6 tone effects cover almost all music styles such as pop, blues, rock, and heavy metal. You can use it to play any style of song.


The 8 peripheral effects of MD-15 can be used with any tone effect, which can add different emotional colors to your music, including:


- Chorus, a sweet and lingering chorus effect like a lover;


- Flanger swing effect made by Flanger old-fashioned tape opener;


- Phaser is a very violent and wild phase effect like a jet plane passing through the sound barrier;


- Tremol's elegant and sad tremolo effect;


- Delay warm and natural analog delay effect;


- D-Delay clear and clean digital delay effect;

M-Delay is full of jumpy multi-shot delay;


- Reverb The reverberation effect of distance and space.

Technical specifications

Sampling frequency:48KHz
A/DD/A conversion accuracy:16Bit
Signal processing accuracy:32Bit
input resistance:1 MΩ
AUX/MP3 input impedance:-10dbu
HEADPHONES output power:0.5W
speaker:6.5 inches
display:LCD liquid crystal display
Tuning range:(EO 20.60Hz)-(C8 4186Hz)
Reference pitch:A4=440Hz
power supply:Alkaline battery "AA X 8" DC 12V, 1.3A adapter
Battery life:

Alkaline battery about 4 hours

Ni-MH battery about 5 hours

Output Power11E4015BGM415W


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