JOYO MW-1 Wireless Microphone System 5.8GHz Wireless Microphone System XLR Mic Adapter 4 Channels’ Dynamic Wireless Transmitter and Receiver for Audio Mixer, PA System and DSLR Camera

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About this item 5.8GHz Wireless Microphone Transmitter and Receiver - The 5.8GHz wireless frequency band, which has strong anti-interference ability, longer transmission distance and high stability, solid RF connection over a 100 feet range. (Affected by environmental factors). Stable Wireless Technology & Excellent Sound Quality - The wireless system has a latency of less than 5ms, 24bit Audio Resolution with Sampling Frequency of 48K. It can transmit clear and fidelity sound signals without bad noise and delay. The Convenience Can't be Understated - Built-in rechargeable battery, battery life is a decent 3.5-5 hours (It depends on what you use it for), and you can charge both the receiver and transmitter at the same time.It's compact and portable, let you get rid of XLR cables forever and make your professional microphones wireless. Super Easy to Use and Efficient - Small and delicate, no complicated settings, plug and play design is convenient to use. You would find that the wireless mic system works very well for you and your setup from the moment you begin to use it! Versatile Audio Device - JOYO wireless microphones system broadcasts on 4 channels at the same time and is suitable for live interviews and gigs, home studio, etc. It can be used with any dynamic/harmonic microphone or audio Mixer, PA system, DSLR camera and more. **TIPS - In order to charge the transmitter and receiver properly, please use a 4.5V~5.5V charger. Otherwise, the battery may not be charged or damaged.
Country of Origin: China
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MW-1 receiver
Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery
Cell capacity: 3.7V 400mAh
Reception Sensitivity: -85dBm
Received frequency: 5.8GHz frequency
Anti-jamming method: Frequency hopping
Signal Distortion: <0.02%
Gain: 0 dB
SNR: 105dB
Frequency response: 20Hz- 20KHz
Delay time: <5ms
Sampling rate: 24-bit /48KHz
output lmpedance: 680Ω
Port's type: XLR male port

MW-1 transmitter
Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery
Cell capacity: 3.7V 400mAh
Transmission power: 7dBm
Working frequency: 5.8GHz frequency
Anti-jamming method: Frequency. hopping
Frequency response: 20Hz- 20KHz
Delay time: <5ms
Sampling rate: 24-bit /48kHz
lnput Impedance: 3.3K
Port's type: XLR female port

Battery life 4hrs-5hrs


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