JOYO Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal with Selectable MOSFET & FAT Clipping Thick Boost Distortion - True Bypass (SPLINTER JF-21)

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It features a sought-after classic distortion.You’ll get the unique tones that resemble both fuzz and distortion by adjusting the DISTORTION, FILTER & VOLUME knobs. An interesting combination of fuzz and distortion.
Country of Origin: China
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Price in points: 4000
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JOYO Splinter Distortion Effect Pedal with Different Clipping Diotes

  • Interesting pedal--JOYO JF-21 Splinter features a sought-after classic distortion. An interesting combination of fuzz and distortion.
  • User-friendly pedal--Three knobs design DISTORTION, FILTER and VOLUME, also, you can select STOCK or MOSFET clipping diodes.
  • Select FAT to choose the nice thick tone.
  • Popular pedal--JOYO JF-21 Splinter allows users to easily change between the stock OP07DP and other popular chips.
  • Solid pedal--High quality pedal housing make it very durable to use.


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