JOYO CLASSIC WAH-I Mini WAH Pedal,Volume Pedal,Multifunctional and Portable

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CLASSIC WAH is a multifunctional WAH-WAH pedal, featuring both WAH-WAH and VOLUME functions. In VOLUME Control mode, minimum volume control knob is one of its characteristics, by adjusting this knob you can obtain volume while toeing down the pedal completely. For example, you can turn down the volume a lot according to the needs of your performance, or just attenuate half of the volume.
Country of Origin: China
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The feel for CLASSIC WAH pedal is amazing and the range of motion is ergonomic, besides, skidproof rubber cushion for the feet enhances durability, the bright LEDs on both sides indicate the pedal’s working status.
● Its RM shielded inductance is specially designed for WAH-WAH tone, which guarantees outstanding tone.
● It takes lesser space of the pedal board, lightweight and portable.
● Easy to operate, with WAH-WAH /VOLUME and WAHWAH/BYPASS toggle switch and minimum volume control knob.
● With both WAH-WAH and VOLUME functions.
● LED indicators on both sides clearly show the pedal’s working status.
● TrueBypass(for WAH-WAH mode only)
● Active volume control circuit design ensures tone’s minimum signal loss and the signal intact.
● Size: L160xW63xH55mm


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