Acoustic Guitar pick up Double B1G

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Soundhole control type guitar preamp System, high fidelity undersaddle piezo pickup and MIC-2 input sources; Volume, Mic, treble controls & phase switch, low battery indicator, unique pivot design for instant dual coin cell access
Country of Origin: China
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The B2G and B1G guitar pickup systems are our most affordable systems for acoustic guitar… but don’t let the low price fool you — these systems off full-range pure acoustic tone reproduction with amazing clarity and transparency.

The B2G features an undersaddle flexible piezo pickup plus an onboard condenser microphone with a blend control in an “easy access” soundhole control module. It features a contoured microphone frequency response designed to maximize clarity and minimize feedback with separate independent level controls for each input.  The undersaddle piezo pickup features a solid bar as opposed to inferior braided wire types to ensure consistency and wide dynamics. 

The B1G is basically the same unit, but does not have the onboard condenser microphone so it is sonically optimized for the performance of the solid Piezo element. You get a master volume control, phase switch and bass & treble EQ controls.

The sound hole design is easily installed and gives the player easy access to the controls as well as a phase button.  There is a patented “quick-access” battery compartment lever that makes changing the long-lasting CR-2032 batteries a breeze. No longer do you need to remove the strings to change your pickup batteries. There’s also a battery LED indicator gives you quick reference to the operation status of the pickup and battery life.

We have had years of consultative designs for some of the world’s most familiar pickup brand names and we have been the primary pickup manufacturer for guitar brands across the globe.


Installing the B2G is a breeze, especially if you already have an endpin jack in your guitar. But don’t worry if you don’t. You simply need to drill out the endpin screw hole to accommodate the 1/4” ouput jack housing. If you’re not comfortable modifying your guitar, we suggest you take it to a qualified luthier for installation. After all, the money you saved with an X2 Double pickup system will more than cover your installation costs.

B2G - Flexible undersaddle piezo element, condenser mic with blend control, volume, tone & phase switch
• B1G — Flexible undersaddle piezo element, volume, phase switch, bass & treble control


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