Donner Arena 2000 Multi-Effect Guitar Pedal AMP Modeling Multiple Effects Processor

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The Donner Arena 2000 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal offers an extensive range of features and capabilities for guitarists. Powered by Forward Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling technology, it provides 150 presets with 80 high-resolution amp models and 50 built-in cab IR models. With a total of 278 effects and movable effects blocks for flexible signal routing, it offers unlimited tonal possibilities. The pedal includes a built-in drum machine, a 60s looper with various speed options, USB audio/recording, MIDI compatibility, and computer software/mobile app for editing and updates. It also features a headphone output and advises using headphones with suitable impedance for optimal performance.
Country of Origin: China
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  • FVACM(Forward Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling)Technology
  • 150 Presets (50 Banks x 3 Presets)
  • 80 Hi-res Amp Models
  • 50 Built-in Cab IR Models + 50 Slots for Loading 3rd Part IRs
  • IR Length: 23.2ms
  • A Total of 278 Effects
  • Moveable Effects Blocks for Flexible Signal Routing
  • Multi-function Ctrl and Expression Pedals ensure unlimited control possibilities
  • Built-in Drum Machine with 40 Patterns, and 60s Looper with Reversed/Double Speed/Half Speed
  • USB Audio/Recording supports recording dry and effect signals simultaneously
  • MIDI IN for External Switching Devices
  • Computer Software for Tone Editing, Backup, and Firmware Update
  • Mobile App for Bluetooth wireless Tone Editing
  • This product has a headphone output impedance of 10 ohms. Please select headphones with an appropriate impedance for use. Impedance that is too high may result in low headphone volume. Please be aware.
  • Product Manual: Donner Arena 2000.pdf
  • Arena 2000 Donner Control Download : Arena 2000 Donner Control Download


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