AVATAR SD51-2 Electric Drum Set

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The SD51-2 Avatar Electronic Drum Kit is an exceptional entry-level electronic drum set designed to provide a versatile and immersive drumming experience for beginners and aspiring drummers. This compact and affordable kit is packed with features that make it ideal for home practice, rehearsals, and even small performances. With its durable construction and responsive drum pads, the SD51-2 offers a realistic and comfortable playing experience. The kit includes five drum pads and three cymbal pads, providing a comprehensive set of sounds to explore and experiment with. The dual-zone drum pads allow for separate rim and head triggering, enabling a wider range of drum sounds and playing techniques. The SD51-2 Avatar Electronic Drum Kit offers a variety of built-in drum sounds and percussion samples, allowing drummers to explore different genres and styles. With the option to connect headphones, you can practice and play silently without disturbing others. Additionally, the kit provides connectivity options to hook up external devices such as smartphones or music players, allowing you to play along with your favorite songs or use drumming apps for further learning and enjoyment. The compact size of the SD51-2 makes it easy to set up in small spaces, making it an excellent choice for home practice or limited studio setups. The intuitive control panel allows for easy navigation and adjustment of settings, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable drumming experience. Whether you're a beginner just starting your drumming journey or an aspiring drummer looking for an affordable electronic drum set, the SD51-2 Avatar Electronic Drum Kit provides a solid foundation for learning, practicing, and honing your drumming skills. With its quality construction, versatile sound options, and user-friendly features, the SD51-2 offers an accessible and rewarding drumming experience.
Country of Origin: China
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The Percussion kit is a fantastic practice tool or a lightweight option to add to your drumkit setup.

The SD51-2 is complete, compact, cool, and easy to use. This makes it ideal for children who want to learn how to play drums without their parents having to buy a large e-drum set right away. It may be a mini drum set, but there is nothing mini about its features. It covers all features the beginners most demand in.


Premium mesh drum heads deliver extremely realistic striking response, quiet and durability for practice, perfect for honing drum skills without hassling families.


3 chips brain can process information more quickly and accurately than other 2 chips brains, ensure the sensitive triggering and provide vivid dynamic, capture every subtle nuance of your performance.


251 classic sounds sampled from world-class instruments, 25 kits cover multiple music styles like jazz, funk, latin etc,. Provide much playability for drummers to explore. 15 play along tracks, built-in metronome and record function are great for learning.


AUX port supports to plug a mp3 or smartphone for playing along with songs you like. USB-MIDI port makes it simple if you want to connect your electronic drum kit to a computer for an external record.


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