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Highlight Power Output: 25W RMS Power Consumption: 30W Impedance: DRUM: 33k ohm; MUSIC: 33k ohm input sensitivity: DRUM: -27dB; MUSIC: -25dB EQ: Bass: +/- 15dB@ 60Hz, MIDDLE: +/- 15dB@1. 5kHz, Treble: +/- 15dB@10kHz BT: 0, Stereo input Speaker: 8-inch woof + 2 inch tweeter
Country of Origin: China
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Introducing the AVATAR DM30 Digital Drum Monitor, a powerful 30-watt amplifier designed to deliver exceptional sound performance and versatility for drummers. Here are the enhanced features of the DM30:

Unparalleled Sound Quality: Immerse yourself in the rich and precise sound produced by the DM30's professional-grade speakers. With an LF (Low-Frequency) 8-inch woofer and HF (High-Frequency) 2-inch tweeter, this amplifier ensures high fidelity audio reproduction across a wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 25 KHz. Whether you're practicing on electronic drums, rehearsing with a band, or performing at a small gig, the DM30 delivers outstanding sonic clarity.

Total Tone Control: Take charge of your instrument's sound with the DM30's comprehensive 3-Band EQ. Adjust the Treble, Middle, and Bass frequencies to fine-tune your tone and achieve the perfect sonic balance. Additionally, the Ground-Lift switch eliminates unwanted noise, allowing you to focus solely on your music.

Dual Independent Channels: The DM30 offers two separate channels, each with its own volume control, providing flexibility for multi-instrument setups. Connect your electronic drum set to the dedicated DRUM input for optimized sound reproduction, while the MUSIC input accommodates various instruments such as keyboards, guitars, and bass. This dual-channel feature allows you to seamlessly switch between instruments without sacrificing sound quality.

Convenient Bluetooth Functionality: Streamline your music experience with the DM30's integrated Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Enjoy a stable connection and quick pairing with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices, making it effortless to play along with backing tracks or practice sessions. The DM30 keeps you connected wirelessly, enabling a hassle-free and immersive drumming experience.

Rugged and Portable Design: Built with durability in mind, the DM30 is constructed to withstand the demands of frequent use and transport. Its compact and lightweight design ensures portability, making it easy to take your drum monitor wherever you go. From practice rooms to live performances, the DM30 is your reliable companion.

The AVATAR DM30 Digital Drum Monitor delivers exceptional sound performance, comprehensive tone control, versatile connectivity, and rugged portability. Whether you're a drummer seeking superior sound reproduction or a musician looking for a versatile amplification solution, the DM30 is your go-to choice for elevating your drumming experience to new heights.


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