• Active Acoustic pick up Double  A1G
  • Active Acoustic pick up Double  A1G
  • Active Acoustic pick up Double  A1G
  • Active Acoustic pick up Double  A1G

Active Acoustic pick up Double A1G

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Stunning acoustic sound reproduction of your guitar’s unique character from an active pickup system… A1G Active preamp, flexible piezo element
Country of Origin: China
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The Double A2G & A1G Pickup systems are our top of the line active systems featuring amazing acoustic sound reproduction at a fraction of the cost of other similar pickup system from other companies.

The A2G is our advanced active dual-element pickup for acoustic guitar. It features a flexible piezo element and onboard condenser microphone that gives you warm, natural acoustic sound and total control over your tone. The recessed soundhole control module gives you a master output volume control for the system, a microphone blend control, a phase switch for frequency resolution in certain stage situations, plus a tone control for sculpting and fine-tuning your amplified sound.

The A1G  features the same active preamp circuitry but is a pure active piezo pickup system with no condenser microphone (and without the cost!). It features a master volume, phase switch and bass & treble EQ controls.

Installation of the systems in a guitar that has an endpin jack already installed will take about 10 minutes max. If this is a new install, you’ll want to be very careful when drilling a new hole in your instrument. When in doubt, have a luthier check it out and do the install for you. The money you save on the pickup itself will more than cover the install by a pro.

Once installed, operation is pretty simple. And you’ll find that the CR2032 batteries used to drive the system are both very “long life” and VERY easy to install. We patented the “flip out” battery compartment so you can easily and quickly swap out batteries. No longer do you have to completely slack the strings and do circus maneuvers with your forearm and wrist to locate the 9V battery lurking somewhere in the bowels of your acoustic… they’re right there below your fingers.

How cool is that? You’re welcome.

• A2G - Active preamp, flexible undersaddle piezo element, condenser mic with blend control, volume, tone & phase switch

• A1G — Active preamp, flexible undersaddle piezo element, volume, phase switch, bass & treble control


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