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Highlight FEATURES: Equipped with 5 drums and 4 cymbals, dual-triggering for all pads, 3 triggering for rid, with pinch edge function. It contains 467 sounds, 30 default drum kits, 20 drum kits for user defined. For each drum and cymbal, you can set volume, sensibility, curve, mask time, retrig level, anti-cross, dynamic range, etc. Variety features on sound module such as recording, replay, review, loop, etc. Built in 15 default accompaniment songs. The built-in metronome and time scope assist you master rhythm better.
Country of Origin: China
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Introducing the AVATAR SD201-3SH DIGITAL DRUM MESH HEAD Digital Drum Set, a versatile and feature-rich drum kit that takes your drumming experience to the next level. Here are the specifications and key features of the SD201-3SH:

Impressive Pad and Cymbal Setup: The SD201-3SH is equipped with 5 drum pads and 4 cymbals, all featuring dual-triggering capabilities. Each pad and cymbal provides accurate and responsive triggering for a realistic playing experience. The ride cymbal goes a step further with 3 triggering zones and a pinch edge function, allowing for expressive and nuanced playing techniques.

Extensive Sound Library: With a vast collection of 467 sounds, the DM30 offers a wide range of options to suit different musical styles. It includes 30 preloaded drum kits with diverse sonic characteristics, and you have the flexibility to create and save up to 20 custom drum kits according to your preferences.

Fine-Tuned Control: Customize the parameters for each drum pad and cymbal to suit your playing style and desired sound. Adjust the volume, sensitivity, curve, mask time, retrig level, anti-cross talk, dynamic range, and more for precise control over your drumming dynamics.

Feature-Packed Sound Module: The SD201-3SH's sound module provides a variety of useful features to enhance your drumming experience. Take advantage of recording, replay, review, and loop functions to capture and perfect your performances. The sound module also includes 15 built-in accompaniment songs for practicing and jamming along.

Enhanced Rhythm Mastery: The built-in metronome and time scope features assist you in mastering rhythm and maintaining a steady tempo. These tools provide essential support for improving your timing and overall drumming skills.


- Snare: 10'' dual-triggering mesh snare pad
- Tom: 8'' x 2, 10'' x 1 dual-triggering mesh tom pads
- Bass Drum: 8'' bass drum pad
- Hi-Hat: 12'' dual-triggering cymbal pad
- Crash: 12'' x 2 dual-triggering cymbal pads
- Ride: 13'' triple-triggering cymbal pad

The AVATAR SD201-3SH Digital Drum Set combines impressive hardware specifications, extensive sound options, and advanced control features to provide drummers with a highly customizable and immersive playing experience.


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