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The Enya NEXG is the world's first smart audio guitar, combining a Bluetooth speaker, preamp, sound card, and onboard effects into a single instrument. A built-in tuner, vocal remover button, and a detachable outer frame round out this innovative guitar. NEXG is also one of the most comfortable guitars to play thanks to its radius fretboard and zero fret design. With modes of karaoke, silent playing, jamming, and digital output, Enya NEXG is designed to solve problems for all guitarists, from beginners to experts. For all music lovers, the NEXG all-in-one smart audio guitar is here to simplify your life.
Country of Origin: China
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NexG features- Enya AI audio guitar 

Disassembled 38” silent guitar structure

Colour - Blue

Body/Fretboard /Bridge/: All in one piece Acoustic carbon fibre moulding 

High quality round end frets 

Custom 1:21 gun colour / matt silver cast steel machine heads

Effective string length: 602mm 

Nut: carbon fibre zero fret design

Saddle: Ox bone 

Strings: D’addario Exp16 ( made in usa ) 

Finish : Matte 

Battery: 43.68Wh/10400 MA

Charging device: 30W Fast charger

Bluetooth: V5.1

Screen: OLED

Neodymium Magnet Amplifier: Top branded

1x30W Bass + 2x10W Treble 

Signal to noise ratio: >80dB

Weight: 2.96kg

Audio system: Enya ES2 AI Audio system

Accessories: Colour carton + leather case, Enya wireless mic + Custom Enya monitor headphone + Cable for Live Stream / Line-in Record / App Expanding + charging / Data-Upgrade Cable + 30w Fast Charger + Manual + Leather Strap for case/guitar + Enya music app membership for 1 year


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